Tuesday, 17 May 2011


You wait a moment to settle your nerves
Then make your cast with a right hand curve
The fly settles down and the float looked good
But the trout refused it and there you stood
A dejected fly fisherman.
You looked things over and were not yet beat
Then changed flies again and were ready to repeat
The next try was poor because you rushed the cast
You hold your breath in solemn anticipation
You must be a fly fisherman!
The fly floats gently on its way to the trout
You know it will "take it" without a doubt.
You're all charged up and ready to strike
But the fly floats by because something's not right
You are still a fly fisherman.
You open your fly box and select a new fly
Then lengthen the tippet before the next try
Change your position to help with the cast
And hope you have made the right decision at last
Now you are a doubtful fly fisherman

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